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Different Type of Car Seats



It’s always a challenge to find the precise type of car seat for your child or children. Depending on the child’s size and age, there are various car seats categories ranging from infant to booster. Selecting the right seat is just a tip of the ice berg as more is required in installing the seat correctly and transitioning the seats as your children grows up. The decision making can be very involving, tiresome and time consuming thus one can get help online in those websites that offer that kind of help.

Tips to keep in mind 


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      When buying car seats ensure they can fit correctly to your car and caters for the needs it is bought for.


     Make sure that the car seats can be installed properly without any problems and used in the right way every time that they are used.


     As your children continues to grow so do their seats in the car. Thus, make sure that seats caters both for the current age and size of the children.


Rear facing car seats category


The most ideal seat for your child to use if he or she is at a young age. It has security features which reduce the impacts of the car on the child fragile spinal cord and neck in case of an accident; the seat moves around with the child.




     Infant seat – ideal for small babies and newborns. It is portable and small only used when facing the rear. It seizes to be used when the baby reaches around the age of 8 – 9 months.


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      Convertible seat – it can be used by children of different sizes and can also be facing either the front or the rear. With this seat the children can enjoy the rear facing seat for a longer period of time although it can be changed to front facing with a tether and a harness.

     All in one seat – as the child grows up the seat can change from rear to forward facing seat (with a tether and a harness) to a booster seat. It caters for children with various sizes and in the rear facing spot longer 

Forward facing car seats category

During a crash it limits the forward movements of your child with its harness and tether.


Convertible seat – can change to rear facing seat from forward facing seat with tether and a harness as the children grows up

Combination seat – can transition to a booster with the use of a harness and tether.

 All in one seat – can transition from a forward to rear facing and then to a booster seat with the help of a harness and tether.


Booster car seats category

Uses a belt to fit the seat properly on the children’s stronger body parts.


      Booster seat (with high back) – provides head, neck and belt support (to boost height). Ideal for cars high or no seat backs.

     Backless booster seat – it main use is to boost the height of the child although it has not support for head rests.


      Combination seat – can be changed to a booster with the use of a harness as the child grows up.


     All in one seat – can transition from a rear facing to forward facing (by use of tether and harness) and then to a booster as the children grows up.


Finally, to ensure or enhance your child or children safety during a crash, the seat belt should be snug across the chest & the shoulder and lie across upper thighs. Make sure that the seat belt does not rest on the face, neck or stomach.